Paul Whittaker

Vice President, Discovery Research at hVIVO

Currently Vice President, Discovery Research at hVIVO (formerly RetroScreen Virology Ltd) with responsibility for strategic direction and leadership of scientific activities aimed at identifying and developing drug targets and biomarkers for respiratory disease.

Previously Unit Head for pre-clinical biomarkers in the Respiratory Disease Area of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in the UK with experience in a range of activities from target identification and validation, through lead identification and optimisation to biomarker development for clinical trials. Prior to that 14 years as an academic researcher, including 7 years as a Research Lecturer at Southampton University Medical School.


Title: Utilising human challenge studies to accelerate the development of new therapies for respiratory disease

  • Human models of disease as a way to better understand human pathology
  • Disease in motion - the power of clinical and molecular time course data sets and matched clinical samples
  • Data mining to accelerate drug target and biomarker discovery