The Pre-Filled Syringes conference will bring together all specialists in medical devices and pharmaceuticals to share experience about new technology trends, design considerations, technical developments of quality and materials in pre-filled syringes. The conference will provide a comprehensive overview for market participants to overcome common industry hurdles and gain knowledge in key areas surrounding chemical compatibility, E&L; needle safety; human factors and home-based administration and compliance.

The global market revenue fo prefilled syringes grossed $4.9bn (€4.4bn) in 2018 and is estimated to exceed $9.7bn by 2025. The market driver of the highest stature for the global prefilled syringes market growth is the increase in chronic ailments and demand for advanced medical facilities. The rise in diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders is also causing market growth. Other important market drivers are increasing research & development (R&D), demand for convenient drug delivery methods, elimination of dosing errors, need for more effective methods for unit dose medication, greater dose precision, suitability for home use, and initiatives from different governments around the world to boost healthcare sector.

The Pre-Filled Syringes & Injectables event will explore the advancements in regulatory guidelines, product development, manufacturing processes, risk mitigation, portfolio management and answer some infinite industry questions such as; how the industry is responding to disruptive technology, connectivity, speed to market, and next generation syringes.

Key Practical Points

  • Current market developments, trends, and needs for Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS)
  • The latest technologies in materials and production process development
  • Navigating regulatory considerations in the PFS market environment
  • New drug formulation strategies
  • Syringe filling of high-concentration monocolonal antibody formulation
  • Human factor and usability engineering for patient-centric
  • Drug-device combination products development challenges
  • Safety evaluation of leachables when developing a pre-filled syringe drug product
  • Next generation design and materials for PFS
  • Challenges of platformization
  • Combination products and auto injectors
  • Technical developments to enhance device quality
  • Sterile manufacturing
  • Ensuring efficient drug development
  • Human-factors engineering and usability
  • Patient centric design considerations for PFS
  • Overview of the upcoming EU MDR regulation, the role of notified bodies
  • The Impact of 21 CFR 4 on design control
  • Patient-Centric dosage form design
  • Digitalization
  • Integrating Quality Requirements
  • Implementation of novel technologies
  • Manufacturing of sterile injectable drugs
  • Analytical studies and chemical safety assessment
  • Smart labeling solutions for pre-filled syringes

Who should attend?

Members of board, C-level, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and Heads of departments from pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry / industries involved in:

  • Bioprocess Research and Development
  • Business Development
  • CMC
  • Combination Products
  • Container Development
  • Controls and Robotics
  • Device Development & Manufacturing
  • Device Engineering & Design
  • Drug Delivery & Devices
  • Formulation Sciences
  • Research and Development
  • Risk Management
  • Stability
  • Standardisation science
  • Sterile Products
  • Vaccines
  • Validation
  • Extractables & Leachables
  • Fill/Finish
  • External Supply
  • Human Factors
  • Injectables
  • Materials Development
  • Medical & Connected Devices
  • Parenterals
  • PFS
  • QA/QC
  • Regulatory AffairsDrug Development
  • Drug Packaging

Keynote Speakers

Exhibitors & Sponsors

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PTI Inspection Systems

PTI is a global leader in package quality testing equipment. We specialize in container closure integrity testing solutions for pharmaceutical and parenteral/injectable products.

Körber Group

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