Christopher Ung

Chief Business Officer at HistogeneX

Mr. Christopher Ung led the global development and commercialization efforts of HercepTest™ and pharmDx EGFR companion diagnostic assays. He continues to lead and implement global biomarker strategies for drug development and companion diagnostic projects. He has set up CAP, CLIA laboratories in the US, Scotland, China, and Singapore, all of which are connected via a digital pathology WSI scanning and analysis platform.

Mr. Ung spends his time working with oncology translational and clinical development teams at pharmaceutical and biotechnology development teams. He regularly speaks and writes on digital pathology applications, multiplex IHC, RNA Sequencing and ensuring that specimens pre-analytics are understood and properly considered. Mr Ung sits on several biotechnology scientific advisory boards and is a committee member of the Digital Pathology Association and the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Alliance.


Title: Digital Pathology in Immuno-Oncology - A Roadmap for Clinical Development

  • Immuno-oncology has catalyzed histopathology applications, such as TIL location and spatial analyses, that benefit from digital pathology.
  • Digital Pathology validation models are present for manufacturers and diagnostics but needed for clinical development.
  • The rapid evolution of PD-L1 scoring algorithms create an acute need for pathologist training and proficiency. A well-designed training module addresses these needs