Ida Biunno

Professor at Biomedicine at the University of Milano

She holds a Doctoral Degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Milan (Italy) and from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia,PA). She was a researcher at the National Cancer Institute of Milan (Italy) and joined the National Research Council in Milan to work on the Human Genome Project under the coordination of Prof. Renato Dulbecco (Nobel Laureate) and was a visiting scientist at Salk Institute for Medical Reach in San Diego USA. Presently she is a senior associate researcher at CNR and associate at the University of Pavia (Italy) She has been the Principal Investigator in  severa EU (NeuroStemCells, NeuroSteemCellRepair and NeuroScreen, SilkFusion) financed projects and in nationally financed projects (FIRB, PRIN and Regione Lombardia) all dealing with stem cells derivation and Biobanking. She has published over 121 peer reviewed scientific papers and supervised over 25 University Medical Thesis. She is a lecturer in Biomedicine at the University of Milano - Bicocca and for Regione Lombardia Advanced Medical Education School.


Title: Biobanking of spheroids/organoids/tumoroids

Past Presentations

1. Biobanking Summit 2020 - Stem Cells (iPS)