Dr. Christa Noehammer

Senior Scientist at AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)

Christa Noehammer works as Senior Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology where she has been heading the Molecular Medicine research unit for several years. Holding a master degree in Microbiology and a PhD in Biochemistry she has been working in the microarray field since 1999 being involved in the design, production and data analysis of various microarray types thereby mainly focusing on minimally invasive biomarker discovery for cancer diagnostics.

The last couple of years Dr. Noehammer has been very much involved in the setup of sampling - and biomarker isolation protocols as well as high throughput biomarker technologies for saliva diagnostics. Recently she is having a focus on small RNA sequencing from saliva- and plasma-derived exosomes which she e.g. took advantage of in a project aiming for the discovery and verification of exosomal epigenetic biomarkers for early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.


Title: Epigenetic biomarkers for Type 2 Diabetes from plasma - and saliva derived extracellular vesicles

Past Presentations

1. CDx & Biomarkers Summit 2019 - Exosome-derived epigenetic biomarkers for saliva diagnostics