Sigbjørn Gregusson

Executive manager at Biobank AS

Sigbjørn Gregusson is the Executive Manager of BioBank AS (Ltd) in Hamar, Norway. Dr. Gregusson had several international missions in developing countries on Food safety issues (Baltic countries, Nepal, Uganda), and on quality control and assessments for microbiological laboratories (UNIDO, Pakistan).

He graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover in 1982, he has been a veterinary specialist in Public Health medicine since 1997. His a Technical expert in Microbiology and Food Safety/ Assessor for Scandinavian Accreditation bodies (1986-2017).

His experienced in Food safety and Public health, has a Broad laboratory competence including management, logistics, LIMS, microbiology. He was also:

  • Clinical practitioner for several years included Public health and Meat control
  • Chief Hygiene officer of the Norwegian Army
  • Chief Veterinary officer of Municipal food control for more than one decade
  • Chief Executive Manager of LabNett AS (Ltd) for another decade, a major Norwegian laboratory company
  • Executive Manager of SpermVital AS (Ltd) in Hamar, Norway

Title: Four essential factors for safe and rational production in an animal biobank

  • Traceability
  • Production flow
  • Database-to-Database Information Exchange
  • Pre-analytical work after DNA extraction