Ing. Pasquale De Blasio

Executive Vice President at ISENET Biobanking

Pasquale De Blasio the Executive Vice President of ISENET Biobank. He is also the founder president of ESBB (European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) and Founder of Integrated Systems Engineering srl leader in Tissue Microarray Platforms. Pasquale graduated in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University (PA, USA, 1976), acquired his Master in Engineering Management from Drexel University (PA, USA, 1980) and a Master in Business Administration from Bocconi University (Milano, Italy, 1986).

He has been involved, since 2000, in Biobanking and organized the first International ISBER annual meeting in Italy in 2004, the year which he established in Milan the first Italian Private Biobanking User Provider (BioRep srl) in collaboration with Coriell Institute for Medical Research, USA. Pasquale also developed the first Robotised Freezers (LN2 Vapour-150°C) “SmartFreezer” in addition to other instruments used biobanks.


Title: Stem Cells (iPS)

  • Innovative concepts on Stem Cells Biobanking
  • The importance of Stem Cells Quality Controls
  • Personalized iPS Banking