Rohit Gupta

Executive Director, Stanford Biobank and Clinical Research Services (CTRU) at Stanford Medicine

Rohit Gupta began his research at Stanford Medicine in 2003 and now oversees the Stanford Biobank and leads the institute’s largest, research focused, ambulatory care group (Spectrum’s Clinical & Translational Research Unit). Notably, he’s established biorepository and associated big data infrastructure for multiple large-scale biobanks, both locally and globally, while also designing innovative cost-recovery business models for clinical and lab related research services at the university.

Rohit is currently leading the strategy, design, and development for the institute-wide biobanking solution, which includes a clinical and ‘omics’ connected software solution, amongst the many facets of the modernized infrastructure. His vision is that an informatics-first approach to human sampling will enable a centralized, virtual ecosystem for the multiple, federated biobanks. The research community will then have a transparent mechanism to provide compliant access to their existing phenotype-rich specimen catalogs, thus improving cohort-matched, sample utilization, and fostering collaboration. Ultimately, he expects access to these tools and resources will help democratize biospecimens, thus accelerating biomarker and therapeutic discoveries in precision health.


Title: Next-Generation Biobank in Academia

  • Improving big data management solutions through biobank infrastructure
  • Accelerating precision health through rapid access to existing samples and data
  • Designing standardized footprints for real-time ‘omics’ analysis