Dr. Ronny Baber

Head of the LIFE-Biobank and Preanalytical Laboratory at University Hospital Leipzig

Dr. Ronny Baber studied biochemistry and did his Ph.D. thesis in the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, and Molecular Diagnostics at the University Leipzig. Since 2010 he is the head of the LIFE-Biobank and the LIFE-Preanalytical laboratory (since 2014) in the Leipzig Research Center for Civilisation Diseases (LIFE).

Dr. Baber is a member of the working group in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) which supports the ISO TC 276 responsible for the ISO norm 20387 on biobanking and BBMRI-ERIC workgroups for the evaluation of CEN standards. He is also part of the Steering Committee and different working groups in the “German Biobank Alliance” (GBA) initiated and coordinated by BBMRI.de trying to link GBA biobanks to the BBMRI-ERIC infrastructure for cross-border exchange of biosamples and related data. Since September 2017 he is designated as Treasurer of the European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB).


Title: Using the best practices for Biobanking

  • High quality biospecimen for reproducible research
  • From epidemiological to healthcare integrated biobanking
  • Influencing factor for liquid biobanked biospecimen