Dr. Francois-Xavier Frapaise

Principal at F.-X. Frapaise Consulting

Dr. Francois-Xavier Frapaise, M.D has over 35 years of international drug development, strategic planning and marketing experience at major pharmaceutical companies including Sanofi, Bayer, Boehringer, Merck  and Abbott; he has hold multiple C-level positions (CSO,CMO,CEO) in different Pharmacos in the US and Europe. Until recently ,he was heading Clinical Development, Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance at Merck KGaA Biosimilars Division; he has extensive experience of biosimilars development acquired at Boehringer-Ingelheim and  Pfenex); he now runs a consulting business, based in Paris
He has been the CSO and SVP of Optimer, has served as the CEO of Asphelia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.VP R&D and Corporate Officer of TAP , CMO of Ocera Therapeutics, VP of Scientific Affairs at Abbott International , Head of Medical Affairs at Bayer Europe, Medical Director at Bayer France, VP of R&D at Delagrange, Head of Anti-thrombotics Strategic Marketing at Sanofi, Medical Director at Choay.
Dr. Frapaise holds an M.D. degree from Faculté de Médecine Paris and is a INSEAD alumni. Dr. Frapaise holds an academic position at the Thrombosis Research Center at the Loyola Medical Center in Maywood (IL).

Title: Biosimilars: patient perspectives, challenges and emerging solutions