Nicolas Camper

Group Leader, Bioconjugation Chemistry at Abzena

Dr. Nicolas Camper is Group Leader for Bioconjugation Chemistry at Abzena. His group focuses on the design and synthesis of antibody-drug conjugates with different combinations of conjugation technologies, linker designs and payloads for pre-clinical evaluation, helping Abzena’s clients establish Proof of Concept and select Lead Candidates for further development. Prior to his position at Abzena, Nicolas worked for PolyTherics where he was involved in the development of the ThioBridge® disulfide rebridging conjugation technology from the early stage. At PolyTherics, Nicolas led CMC efforts resulting in the manufacturing of the first ThioBridge® ADC.

He holds a PhD from Queen’s University of Belfast, on the synthesis of bisphosphonate conjugates to antibody fragments for applications in oncology. Nicolas has experience in bioconjugation, protein engineering, protein expression in bacterial and mammalian systems as well as synthetic chemistry.


Title: Designing and Developing Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate Medicines