Mattias Levin

Sr Scientist, Antibody Engineering at Alligator Bioscience

Dr. Mattias Levin has a MSc in Biotechnology and obtained his Ph.D. in Immunotechnology from Lund University. He joined Alligator Bioscience 5 years ago, where his work is primarily focused on the discovery of Alligators new antibody-based drug candidates and bringing them from the benchtop into the clinic.

Alligator Bioscience is dedicated to development of antibody-based therapeutics, with full focus on novel immune oncology solutions. To facilitate this work, Alligator has a strong technology platform, including its newest addition RUBY™, a novel tetravalent plug-and-play bispecific format with very favorable developability properties.


Title: Neo-X’: A bispecific antibody concept targeting CD40 and tumor antigens to enhance neoantigen cross-presentation and T cell priming.