Pavlovic Guillaume

Head of Unit at PHENOMIN-ICS

Dr Guillaume Pavlovic is the Head of the mouse and rat model creation core & microbiota service at Institut Clinique de la Souris (ICS) – PHENOMIN. He direct the generation and validation of genetically rodent mutants and animal model microbiota research. He leads R&D programmes focusing on the development of new tools for genetic engineering and microbiota analyses, and is an expert in genetics and genome editing including the CRISPR/Cas system.

After a PhD in 2004, about bacterial mobile elements evolution, Guillaume Pavlovic worked at genOway, one of the leader company in the generation of customized and ready-to-use genetically modified mouse and rat models to develop the molecular biology activity. He joined ICS in 2007 as project manager in charge of the mouse model projects of its main industrial customers and was appointed at his present position one year later.


Studying the variability of intestinal microbiome in mice to better understand the Human microbiome

  • Mouse intestinal microbiota in controlled environment is transversally inherited and remains stable under controlled conditions
  • Variations in normal intestinal microbiota does not seem to really impact physiological parameters
  • Studying Host – Microbial genetics interactions: evaluate microbiota composition in a large number of knock-out mouse