Dr Lionel Breton

Scientific Director, Advanced Research at L’Oreal

Lionel Breton got a PhD in 1982 in general Endocrinology in the lab of R.Michel and J.Roche at College de France in Paris. Than, he got a State Doctorate in general Pharmacology in Poitiers Hospital/ school of medicine in 1985 After a 1st position in Servier Laboratory as Project leader in neuro-pharmacology, Lionel joined L’Oreal corporate 26 years ago. He is also visiting Professor/affiliate member in the prestigious University McGill in Montreal.

He is an expert on neurobiology and physiology, skin neuroimmunology, skin and gut microbiology and of some aspects of translational research . He is currently Scientific Director at L’Oreal Research. Lionel is co-inventor of many national patents and applications (cf espacenet results/world database) and of some blockbusters of l’Oreal corporate. Although Industrial, he has published more than 70 papers in in peer-reviewed journals and is frequently invited to give plenary conferences or keynotes.


Considering the Microbiome Interorgans Axis (MIA) as a future option in Health & Diseases