Jean-Pol Warzée

President at European Scientific League for Probiotics – ESLP

With more than 20 years experience in the microbiota and microbiotics area,

Jean-Pol G. Warzée, Medical Doctor has participated to many research and development projects in human health ( by elderly people, cystic fibrosis, …) and also in animal health in collaboration with Research Centers and Universities. Jean-pol has collaborated to the development of new microbiotics solutions and is author, co-author of many publications.

Co-Founder in 2010 and nominated President of the European Scientific League for Probiotics for 2012, Jean-Pol is also member of several international scientific associations: member of the International Society for Viruses and Microorganismslecturer at the European Center for Research and Development in Nutritherapy- CERDEN and has been vice-presidentPharmabiotics Research Institute vice-president of the Pharmabiotics Research Institute from 2015 – 2017.

Jean-Pol participates regularly to international congresses as speaker related to “Probitics Quality Control” and also “Microbiotics in human health”


Quality control of probiotics and internationalisation of the ESLP initiative