Robert Weber

Product Management Director at Oracle

Robert Weber is Product Management Director in the Oracle Heath Sciences Global Business Unit. His responsibilities include the Empirica Signal Detection and Management products in the Oracle Pharmacovigilance suite. Robert works with regulatory agencies, key industry partners and research organizations to provide direction and manage priorities for the Oracle Safety products, define areas for enhancements and identify new solution opportunities.

Robert Weber is a qualified physician with practice background in neurology. He has worked since 1995 in the area of drug development, clinical research and pharmacovigilance. Earlier positions included Senior Manager and Principal Consultant at PAREXEL International, a contract research organisation, in Berlin and London; Senior Project Manager at DocCheck Medical Services in Cologne; and Principle Consultant at Phase Forward’s Lincoln Safety Group.


Title: New Trends in Signal Detection and Management

  • Why the algorithm matters – Find signals earlier and reduce false positives
  • Signaling 2021 – Looking at data sources, process and GVP compliance
  • Ghost in the machine – How AI techniques are reshaping Pharmacovigilance