Speakers (A-Z)

Alexandre Akoulitchev

Chief Scientific Officer at Oxford BioDynamics Plc

Alexandre read mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  In 1989 he was selected by the George Soros Foundation for the Oxford Scholarships, associated with St. Antony’s College, Oxford. He obtained his PhD in cell biology from University College, London, with the research based at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories.

Anders Ståhlberg

Principal investigator at University of Gothenburg / Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Anders Ståhlberg is working as principal investigator at the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden. He has a PhD in molecular biotechnology and has two post-doc periods working with human embryonic stem cells and tumor biology. Anders primary research interest is to understand molecular mechanisms in tumor initiation and tumor development, focusing on breast cancer and sarcomas.

Arjan Tibbe


The past 20 years Arjan Tibbe worked on the cutting edge between the medical technology and applied physics. He combined the principles of physics with the medical needs.

After completing his PhD in 2001 he established and managed Immunicon Europe, Enschede, the Netherlands, a subsidiary of Immunicon Corporation, USA. Immunicon developed the FDA cleared CellSearch system for monitoring metastatic cancer by measuring the number of CTC.

Catherine Alix-Panabières

Director LCCRH at the University Medical Center of Montpellier

Dr. Catherine Alix-Panabières received her PhD degree in 1998 at the Institute of Virology, University Louis Pasteur, in Strasbourg in France and in 1999, she moved to Montpellier where she did a postdoctoral research at the University Medical Centre. During this last decade, Dr Alix-Panabières has focused on optimizing new techniques of enrichment, detection and characterization of viable circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in patients with solid tumors.

Christian Werno

Research group leader at Fraunhofer Institute

Dr. rer. med. Christian Werno is research group leader “Preclinical Therapy Models”, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine ITEM, Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy.

He got his PhD at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, then being a postdoctoral fellow at Fraunhofer ITEM Regensburg Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy.

Clotilde Costa Nogueira

Leader of the Liquid Biopsy Line at the Joint Unit Roche-Chus

Clotilde Costa Nogueira is a Biologist. In 2011 Clotilde Costa Nogueira developed her phD in Molecular Oncology at CIEMAT (Madrid) focused on the study of cell cycle genes in squamous cell carcinomas.

In 2013 she moved to Santiago de Compostela to the Translational Medical Oncology Group to work in the study of metastasis through Liquid Biopsy.

Daniel Grölz

Scientific Associate Director R&D, Sample Technologies Department at QIAGEN

Dr. Daniel Grölz is a Scientific Associate Director of Research and Development at QIAGEN in Hilden, Germany. Dr. Groelz is the R&D project manager who led an international team within PreAnalytiX GmbH to develop the PAXgene Tissue and the PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Systems.

Davide Zocco

Head of R&D at Exosomics

Davide Zocco joined Exosomics in 2013 with the mandate to introduce and implement into the R&D pipeline the development of molecular assays for detection of EV shuttled mutations.

In 2015 he took on the role of the Head of Molecular Diagnostics. Today he is responsible for development of EV-DNA and EV-RNA targeted solutions and for management of clinical testing of assay prototypes.

Fabrice Magnino

Assoc Director, Medical Affairs EMEA at illumina

Fabrice Magnino is holding a PhD in Tumour Biology from the Medical Faculty of Berne (Switzerland) and received Breast Cancer postdoctoral training at the Cancer Institute of Montpellier (France) before joining the Life Science and Molecular Diagnostic industry where he is focusing on solutions to improve patient management.

Jens K. Habermann

President of ESBB

Professor Jens K. Habermann, m.d., Ph.D., is director of ICB-L (Interdisciplinary Center for Biobanking-Lübeck) and scientific director of UCCL (University Cancer Center Lübeck) at the University of Lübeck and University Clinic Schleswig-Holstein. He obtained his Ph.D. at the Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden) and postdoc training at the NCI, NIH (Bethesda, USA).

Juan F. Roman

VP Business Development at ximedica

Juan F. Roman is a Medical technology business developer with an international world-class technical and commercial background. A career of over twenty years in Diagnostics and MedTech, always working in forefront technologies, with the most recent ten years successfully involved in the organisation of research and development joint ventures with blue-chip healthcare, diagnostics and life sciences companies.

Klaus Pantel

Chairman of the Institute of Tumour Biology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Prof Klaus Pantel is Chairman of the Institute of Tumour Biology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. The institute is part of the Centre of Experimental Medicine and the University Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH). Prof Pantel graduated in 1986 from Cologne University in Germany and completed his thesis on mathematical modelling of haematopoiesis in 1987. After his postdoctoral period in the USA on hematopoietic stem cell regulation (Wayne State University, Detroit), he performed research at the Institute of Immunology, University of Munich for 10 years.

Lorena Diéguez

Group Leader Medical Devices at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

Lorena Diéguez joined INL in 2014 as Staff Researcher and is, since May 2018, the leader of the Medical Devices research group. Her research is focused in the development of biomicrofluidic devices mainly devoted to Translational Medical Research in close collaboration with Hospitals. For that purpose, her work is devoted to the development of integrated biosensing systems and nanobioengineered diagnostics microsystems for the isolation and characterization of Tumor Cells from body fluids of cancer patients, as well as the development of microfluidic organ-on-a-chip 3D models.

Marianne Oulhen

Project Manager at Gustave Roussy

Marianne Oulhen is a research engineer at Gustave Roussy . She works in the Dr Françoise Farace’s team in the Translational Laboratory of Rare Circulating Cells (CNRS UMS3655 – INSERM US23 AMMICA) and the Circulating Tumor Cells team at INSERM U981. She has a “biotechnologies and Biohealth” master’s degree. For the past ten years, she focused her research on circulating tumor cells with the goal of identifying both sensitivity and resistance biomarkers of anticancer therapies.

Martina Kaufmann

Managing Director at Martina Kaufmann Strategic Consulting

Dr. Martina Kaufmann, Managing Director at Martina Kaufmann Strategic Consulting (www.mk-stracon.com) has 15+ years industry experience in the field of personalized medicine – from biomarker validation, companion diagnostics development to implementation of such products in the market.

Mikael Kubista

CEO at TATAA Biocenter

In 1996 Kubista invented the light-up probes, which led to the foundation of LightUp Technologies AB as Europe´s first company focusing on qPCR based diagnostics. He co-founded MultiD Analyses AB, which develops the market leading software GenEx for molecular analysis, and in 2001 Kubista set up TATAA Biocenter as the first laboratory in Europe to obtain flexible ISO 17025 accreditation.

Miroslaw Kornek

Principal Investigator (PI) at The University of Bonn.

Dr. Miroslaw Kornek is working as a principal investigator at the Department of Internal Medicine I, University Hospital Bonn, University of Bonn, Germany. He completed his Ph.D. in Department of Internal Medicine I, University Hospital Bonn, University of Bonn, Germany. His position and research work was funded by the German Cancer Foundation (Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V.) and recently by the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation).

Selina Gaertner

Medical Affairs Manager EMEA at HTG Molecular Diagnostics

Selina Gaertner is holding a MSc in Biochemistry and joined HTG Molecular in 2016, where she is living the mission to empower precision medicine at the local level, by bridging Molecular Profiling, Biomarker Signature Development and Molecular Diagnostics. She is focusing on advancing the field of Liquid Biopsy, Early Disease Detection, Companion Diagnostics and Precision Medicine with the Extraction-Free RNA analysis solution HTG EdgeSeq.