Marco Laackmann

Director Inhalation Technology at Harro Höfliger

Marco Laackmann has an Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering applied Biotechnology from University of Applied Science Emden in Germany and a MBA from Bradford School of Management in UK.

He has worked for P&G in Packaging Development of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, followed by a position of Packaging and Device Technology in Boehringer Ingelheim’s department of Spiriva® Launch. In 2007 he became manager of Quality, Supply Chain and Medical Device Sales in RPC Formatec. Since April 2011, Marco Laackmann works in Harro Höfliger, where he is Director Inhalation Technology responsible for global business development, sales and product management of machinery for the Dry Powder Inhaler pharma industry.

His background includes 15 years of experience in various areas of Dry Powder Inhaler covering aspects of device development, manufacturing and quality control of medical devices as well as powder dosing technologies and process development.


Get it right first time: Inhaler technology and manufacturing

  • Criticality in up-scaling of DPI filling and manufacturing and the influence of powder dosing technologies on drug product performance
  • Powder properties and fill weight accuracy for various dosing systems
  • Options to improve machine capabilities based on powder characteristics and mechanical treatment to make cohesive powder free flowing for powder feeding and metering processes