Shahram Lavasani

Founder and CEO at ImmuneBiotech AB

Shahram Lavasani holds a Ph.D. degree from Lund University in Medical Inflammation Research where he studied the immunoregulation and novel immunotherapies in multiple sclerosis (MS). He is a skillful immunologist, with many years of teaching and research expertise on gastrointestinal complications in autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Focusing on Gut-Brain axis he has pioneered research in MS, which is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system, by demonstrating inflammation and increased permeability in the gut and introduced microbiota-based therapies using combination of probiotic bacteria. He is the founder of ImmuneBiotech, developed a proprietary lactobacilli library and established accurate and multiple selection technologies to screen and design formulations for the optimal therapeutic management of the diseases. ImmuneBiotech´s first product, designed to address the underlying causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), has shown major success and will soon be available in the market.


Targeting the brain-gut-microbiome axis by ImmuneBioticsTM, a new therapeutic avenue for management of multiple sclerosis

  • Microbiota dysbiosis and intestinal barrier dysfunction in MS
  • Brain-gut-microbiome axis; potential therapeutic targets and probiotic treatments
  • Designing multi-targeted therapeutic microbial consortium; translational success for GutMagnificTM in
    management of IBS
  • ImmuneBioticsTM, new generation of probiotic products designed to boost the immunotherapy treatments