Alessio Mylonas

Research Scientist at AC Immune

Dr. Alessio Mylonas is an immunologist and longtime microbiome aficionado. Formerly a researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and University Hospital of Lausanne, he is now a senior researcher at AC Immune SA, an innovating clinical-stage biopharmaceutical research company with expertise in precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases. He is now pursuing new targets, based on his research, in a pharmaceutical context.

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Title: Leveraging the microbiome in Alzheimer's disease progression and neuroinflammation

  • Optical projection tomography imaging provides highly resolved imaging of both the intestinal immune system and plaque formation in whole brains, making it a versatile tool for the study of the gut-brain axis.
  • Using this, and other approaches, we find that the microbiome is an essential requirement for plaque formation during Alzheimer's disease and aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins.
  • Finally, we find that neuroinflammation is the pivotal process linking the microbiome to Alzheimer's disease caused by protein misfolding.