Martin Holm-Petersen

CEO at Insife

With 10 years of experience from big pharma and another 10+ years in management and consulting, Martin Holm-Petersen is an experienced strategist, with understanding across the pharma business value chain, and an expert on Pharmacovigilance.

His current role is CEO of Insife, a global consulting and technology company, supporting life sciences companies. In his previous role, he headed the pvtech global industry pharmacovigilance technology network with more than half of top 100 pharma participating.

From industry, Martin has seven years of experience at senior management level and has furthermore been engaged as a governance Board member for project investments at a top 10 pharmaceutical company. Key areas of expertise include: Strategy development, planning and implementation Digital transformation and big/real-world data in pharma Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory and Clinical process optimization Program and portfolio management Data integration and business intelligence Qualifications and Awards MSc Communication Studies SIMI / MMPI Prince2, P3O Practioner