Peter Cartwright

Human Microecology Specialist

Peter Cartwright is the former Head of Research at Protexin (a manufacturer of probiotic supplements in the UK) and, for eight years, he oversaw research on probiotic strains. Screening more than 2,000 strains, Peter selected and acquired more than 100. He has degrees in Microbiology, Biomedicine, and Business Studies, and is the author of four books for the general public on intestinal health.

Peter has given over 50 lectures on probiotics to doctors in 14 countries. He is a former member of the Boards of the International Probiotics Association and the Pharmabiotics Research Institute.


Pre-clinical selection of probiotics strains: Six simple steps

  • End-product selection (incl. potential market; regulatory framework; likely mechanisms of action of beneficial microbes)
  • Generic probiotic properties (incl. survival through the stomach; ability to colonise the mucosa; safety characteristics)
  • Most suitable assays (for screening for generic properties)
  • Condition-specific properties, and how to identify them
  • In vivo testing (ie: invertebrate vs. mammalian models)
  • Commercial growth testing and lyophilisation stability