Fabio Piccini

Co-founder and Director at Progetto Microbioma Italiano

Fabio Piccini is a broad-minded and innovative thinker and a focused and disciplined practitioner, with a PhD in Food, Nutrition and Health, further complemented by a wide-ranging portfolio of qualifications, professional memberships, preclinical and clinical research and published work. This is underpinned by twenty-nine years of counselling and consulting experience and teaching assignments at both under and postgraduate level.

His experience encompasses recognised expertise in the provision of digital healthcare solutions, as co-creator of one of Italy’s highest ranking online resources on eating disorders; as a collaborator in the international KOM 2002 research project to establish a multi-lingual website for psychological and physical well-being; and in the course of creating and maintaining multiple weblogs, websites and social media reference materials. In addition, Fabio work has centred on behaviour change and the use of art therapies, and he has spent five years drawing upon my Jungian training to investigate and demonstrate the therapeutic use of self-portrait photography.