Adam Baker

Director of Science at Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

Adam Baker Lead the Human Health and Microbiome Research and Development team who are responsible for the research of current and next-generation probiotics, the development of technical in vitro and in vivo platforms for biomarker identification, and building a strong portfolio of scientific data to support our commercial probiotic business.

We are now strengthening the focus on the host interactions and mode of action of these probiotic bacteria. In particular, we are focused on the gastro intestinal environment and clinical understanding of the interactions between the bacteria and the host microbiome at a molecular and functional level.

Prior to Chr. Hansen worked as the VP of Diagnostic Product Develop at Exiqon A/S in Denmark for 5 years and the head of New Technologies in deCODE Genetics in Iceland. Both of these roles focused on the development of new insights and therapeutics to support the treatment of complex diseases. In addition I have held positions in Vancouver, Canada and Boehringer Ingelheim in Vienna Austria.