Valentina Mancini, PharmD

Director PV, EU QPPV at Shionogi Europe

Valentina Mancini, Pharmacovigilance Director and EU QPPV in Shionogi. Valentina is currently responsible for PV system implementation in EEA countries and in UK and coordinates local QPPVs.

Before joining Shionogi, she worked in Pfizer, Takeda and Baxter where she covered roles with increasing responsibilities in Pharmacovigilance (PV responsible of the Italian Affiliate; head of Southern Europe PV cluster) but also in clinical QA and Medical information. Before joining pharmaceutical industry, she worked as Pharmacy Director. Valentina is also lecturer in PV post- graduate master’s degree (University of Novara and Verona).


Digital Media, marketing projects, e-commerce and other business initiatives: opportunities and challenges for PV