Sílvia Teles Duarte

Pharmacovigilance assessor / Pharmacovigilance procedure manager at Infarmed, I.P. (National Authority of Medicines and Health Products)

Silvia Duarte is graduated in Pharmacy, has a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and also post-graduated in Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacoepidemiology by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon. Silvia has 14 years of experience in Community Pharmacy, and since 2014 has been working in the pharmacovigilance department of Infarmed, I.P., fully dedicated to the support of the Portuguese PRAC assessment procedures, and to the national implementation of risk minimisation measures.

Since 2020, Sílvia is also an invited professor on the Masters in Pharmacy, in the Polytechnic Institute´s Lisbon School of Heath Technology.


Title: Patients and consumers involvement in Pharmacovigilance systems - challenges and opportunities

  • Current scenario regarding patients' contribution to the EU regulatory system
  • The benefits of patients' contribution in Pharmacovigilance - from ADR reporting to Public Hearings
  • Challenges and opportunities in patients' integration in Pharmacovigilance