Graeme Ladds

CEO at PharSafer

Graeme Ladds have worked in Pharmacovigilance & Medical affairs for over 30 years. In that time he have served as EU QP PV for several major Pharma Companies as well as being involved in all aspects of clinical and post-marketing global drug safety.

In 2003, Graeme set up his own CRO, PharSafer, which performs all aspects of pharmacovigilance from due diligence in Company and product acquisitions to case processing, signal detection, periodic report writing, RMPs and REMs, audits and inspections and writing and managing PSMFs.


Title: Stop processing and start analysing - Pharmacovigilance moves into the modern age

  • The problem with case processing. Too many reports; too little time
  • Common problems in Quality with case processing, the pitfalls and solutions
  • The future for case processing - Quality; Time; Completeness and Accuracy