Jan De Backer, PhD


Dr. Jan De Backer graduated from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands as aerospace engineer. He attained an MSc degree in aerodynamics and specialised in applied biomedical computational fluid dynamics leading to a PhD from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is an alumnus of the MBA programs at London Business School, London and Columbia Business School, New York. Dr. De Backer has received several awards for his innovative research in the field of airway modeling in respiratory and sleep medicine. His work has been published in international journals.

Dr. De Backer founded FLUIDDA in 2005 and he holds the position as Chief Executive Officer since 2007.


Paving the way towards respiratory medicine using Functional Respiratory Imaging and AI.

Efficient personalized medicine requires getting a handle on the heterogeneity of the patient’s disease AND the heterogeneity of the treatment and subsequently making the optimal match. Imaging in combination with A.I. is increasingly used in clinical trials to understand the efficacy and heterogeneity of the novel treatments. Low dose HRCT scans are readily available in clinical practice and can be used as a basis for advanced digital processing. Hence all the ingredients for personalize medicine are there. As such the respiratory field is expected to experience major change in the coming years. This talk will discuss how this might all unfold.