Francesca Buttini

Associate Professor at University of Parma, Italy

Dr. Francesca Buttini is Associate Professor at the Food and Drug Department, University of Parma (IT) where she is leading the unit dedicated to design of pharmaceutical products for inhalation.

In 2014, she was appointed as Visiting Lecturer at King’s College London (UK) and affiliated as Key Researcher at the RCPE (Austria). She was awarded as best emerging scientist by aerosol UK society in 2017. She developed technologies to deliver aerosols to the lungs (insulin, antibiotics, carrier-based formulations for asthma and COPD).

She has published more than 60 research papers. Finally, Francesca is a founder of PlumeStars, an innovative SME dedicated to development of orphan drug products to treat lung disease.


Administration of high dose antibiotic DPI: formulation/device combination for a cystic fibrosis patient-centric product

  • There is a need of novel powders and devices for better managing the lung administration of high dose antibiotics.
  • A novel particle engineering approach to construct antibiotic powder will be presented. The tobramycin powder microparticles, produced by spray drying, using a minimal amount of sodium stearate, exhibit a very small aerodynamic diameter, low density and favourable shape for aerosolization.
  • A prototype capsule-based device was loaded with the entire powder dose and a gradual emission was obtained by performing 3-6 successive inhalation acts through the device.